The Church Triumphant: Saints in Heaven


by Amelita Guevarra

There is no better contemporary example of a saint than Mother Teresa. Over the years I marveled at the way she went to the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, serving as a model for other young women to follow her.

Last March I visited my Jesuit son Fr. Jem in Sri Lanka. Among the sites and experiences he exposed us to were two houses of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity: one caring for the elderly and the other for special children. Seeing the nuns who worked all day, caring for the elderly, cleaning up after them, and then spend a whole hour squatted on the floor in prayer touched us deeply. They were quite an inspiration. We went home feeling very exhausted, but feeling truly blessed.

In part because of this experience, when I learned that Pope Francis was going to canonize Mother Teresa, I felt that I needed to be there to witness the event. One after another, God opened doors for me and I arrived in Rome on September 2 for the canonization. I met with the Missionaries of Charity there, and together with others, was blessed to have attended all the major events.


I shall treasure in my heart many memories, chief among them the following:

From the Prayer Vigil with Solemn Adoration at the Basilica of St. John the Lateran, wherein the celebrant quoted St. Mother Teresa: “Holiness is not the luxury of the few. It is a simple duty for each one of us.”

From the Prayer and Meditation in Music at the Basilica of Saint Andrea dela Valle, also from St. Mother Teresa:

The fruit of Silence is Prayer.
The Fruit of Prayer is Faith.
The fruit of Faith is Love.
The Fruit of Love is Service.
The Fruit of Service is Peace.

From the Mass of the Canonization of Mother Teresa at St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis, in his homily said that “no matter what her title is, I still will call her MOTHER, so it is that we call her now ST. MOTHER TERESA since she has been such a great mother to so many nuns and to many of us throughout her whole life.”

My heart is full. What more can I ask of our Lord and from the newest member of the Church Triumphant, St. Mother Teresa. I bow in adoration and gratitude.

As published in the November 13 issue of the Parish Bulletin.