The Little Souldier: marching towards God’s Kingdom, one step at a time

by Sandi Suplido

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, according to motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Be it your best friend, relative, or co-worker— each of us grows with the influence and encouragement from those we are closest to!

As we celebrate all the saints of the Church, I couldn’t help but wonder about saints living their lives on earth and the people whose lives they touched. More than that, how amazing it is that in every day, we too are touched by heroes, soldiers of holiness, instruments of God’s love.

I was struck by Fr. Adam’s homily sharing about how holiness is a way of life and that saints are characterized by the simple (and big!) things they do with love. If there’s one person who has taught me a lot about ordinary holiness, it’s my cousin Iona.

Iona is a Special Education Teacher, and every day she helps care for kids with developmental, socio-emotional, behavioral and learning needs. I am inspired not how she spreads God’s love not just at work, but also in her spare time. God’s hand is in all that she does, as she never fails to offer her talents to help others.

While volunteering with her in the Make A Wish Foundation, she volunteered to bake cookies to sell, and the income would go to granting the wishes of kids. She didn’t charge for the labor and baked cookies after work, till late at night. Her dedication to bringing joy to others was truly inspiring.

I see holiness in Iona as she also keeps God in mind, action and especially in her principles. In little things like discouraging others from gossiping or keeping her commitments to herself and others, I admire how she tries to do the right thing, even if it is unpopular or difficult.

I think Iona would probably be the Saint of Psychology! Aside from her having a bachelor’s degree in the course, she cares for every heart and mind that she meets, and even uses the gift of Psychology as her being a soldier for souls. May we all live each day as ordinary saints, marching towards God’s Kingdom, one step at a time!

As published in the November 06 issue of the Parish Bulletin.