We, the OFM JPIC Animators of the Province of San Pedro Bautista, gathered in Puggio Bustone Spirituality Center, Brgy. Benneg, Botolan, Zambales in October 13, 2016 support the government’s dictum of CHANGE; changing the corrupt governance, lowering the crime rate, stopping the illegal drug trade, and uplifting the poor Filipinos.

We pray for the success of Duterte’s government peace initiatives with the National Democratic Front (NDF), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

We support the honorable men and women in cabinet positions whose programs and projects are beneficial to the Filipino masses especially the poor, the weak, and the underprivileged.
We support the campaign against illegal drugs. The menace of this illegal drugs should be cut at its roots. Our support for this campaign is anchored on the sanctity of every human being.

We abhor the ongoing killings in the war against illegal drugs. Killing will not bring true change and peace in our country. “Thou shalt not kill” remains the basic tenet of our loving relationship with God and our neighbors. Only God has the right to take the life of each individual person.

Let us destroy illegal drugs, save the victims and bring healing to them, their families, and our nation.

Sgd. Bro. Al Villanueva, OFM
OFM – JPIC Provincial Animator
Oct. 15, 2016

As published in the November 06 issue of the Parish Bulletin.