Fr. Hugh

by Mike Yuson

I met Fr. Hugh when I joined Luke18. He was a jolly fellow and he was always smiling and you couldn’t help but feel welcome whenever you would see him.

When I joined Antioch it was he who heard my very first serious confession. During my confession, I felt that I was talking to God himself. His warmth made me open up completely. After my confession he stood up and gave me the tightest hug, the feeling of which I will never forget.

During those times, there was really not much to do in Manila and the kids didn’t really have a place to hang out, he welcomed us to church. Every day during summer the church grounds was filled with kids playing and it became our hang out. We were noisy and rowdy but you would never hear him complain or get mad at us even if it was past midnight. He would go out of his room and just smile and wave at us from the second floor and watch what we were doing. We would even stay in church until the early morning just hanging out.

I remember one night, we were bored and decided to go to the back of the convento to go ghost hunting, it was still a huge mango orchard. While we were “hunting” it was pitch black and suddenly there was a ball of light at one corner and it started chasing us. Of course we were running and screaming in fear and then we heard someone laughing. It was Fr. Hugh from the second floor hiding and shining a flashlight to scare us. He then invited us to go to the kitchen for a midnight snack.

As published in the October 16 issue of the Parish Bulletin.