Hello San Antonio Parish Families!

FrancisFest 2016 is just 2 weeks away!!! Do come and join us! Bring your family and friends and let’s gather together as ONE BIG PARISH FAMILY to enjoy the enchanting music of the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth on Monday, October 3rd, 7 pm, here in our beautiful Santuario de San Antonio Parish church!

We encourage the youth to give of themselves and be part of this Parish Family endeavor. Skip a frapuccino or two at Starbucks and use the money saved to buy a ticket to the FrancisFest concert. (The youth are entitled to a 50% discount on tickets.)

You may delight in the concert even more with the knowledge that your love offering will help:

  • buy urgently needed medicines for children in the pediatric ward of PGH,
  • support needy, deserving scholars,
  • provide assistance to families living in the peripheries.
  • enable 4th year seminarians in OLAS to complete their Theological studies,
  • help poor Franciscan parishes in far away rural areas make ends meet.


As published in the September 18 issue of the Parish Bulletin.