From the Desk of the PPC President

Edmund Lim

Edmund Lim, KHS


It is a joy that I report to you today. The task that began in Fiesta is almost done. We have completed the scanning of our church and now have the architectural plans of our church building. Currently, we have finalized the upgrading of our church’s sound system allowing our liturgy, homilies and music to be clearer and more audible even if it is not always perfect. We have also begun to address the cracks that beset our parish centre. A structural engineer will be assigned in the next few months.

With these ongoing projects, we in the execom team, along with our Francisfest chairperson Menchu Bautista, enthusiastically announce Francisfest 2016. Our theme this year “Make me a channel of your peace” resonates soundly with our year of Mercy. This year, we have invited the Orchestra of the Filipino Youth composed of brilliant youth musicians from deprived communities. We hope that this Francisfest 2016 not only uplifts you with great music but also highlights our sense of compassion in providing opportunities for these musicians to achieve their full musical potential.

We also wish to highlight that our Francisfest touches the lives of our community. We hope everyone continues supports the concert which benefits our parish outreach programs like JPIC Scholarship Ministy, our Prison Ministry that serves both Makati and Taguig City jails, the Friendship Home and OFS seminarians. Please continue to pray that we have a successful Francisfest 2016!

All of us are stewards in the upkeep of our church. We are also stewards in spreading HIS mercy. Thank you for the support you have shown during Fiesta and now in Francisfest. And I thank you for being a steward, for without Stewards like YOU, our Church will not be complete…..

Edmund Lim, KHS
PPC President

As published in the September 18 issue of the Parish Bulletin.