Dear Co-stewards and pilgrims:

Peace and all good!

Our theme for this month is STEWARDSHIP. This is timely not only in preparation for the upcoming Francisfest in Oct. 3, 2016, our annual fundraising event, hopefully, this will also pave the way towards the implementation of the Spirituality of Stewardship (SoS) as a means to support all our ecclesial programs and activities in November 2017. SoS is central to our 2017 National Celebration of the Year of the Parish. Our parish will conduct a series of formation sessions to help us understand better the principles and practices even in our daily life.

The principle of stewardship is at the very heart of our Christian way of life. Its biblical foundation conveys our identity as God’s creatures. It leads to reverence and awe: an attitude of profound respect – seeing God in all and all in God. It expresses our profound trust and gratitude to God. Stewardship is part of the dynamics of love as we are called to love God above all things – it defines even our way of being and relating both to God and our sisters and brothers.

Many of us are aware of the threefold elements of stewardship: time, talent and treasure. There are other elements that we also need to include, namely; life, faith, environment and vocation (single-blessedness, married life and priestly-religious life). To take care of what has been entrusted to us by seeing to it that God’s gifts is not destroyed or wasted; put into use for self and for others and; to be developed and enhanced because in due time, we will give an account (transparency) of what has been entrusted to us.

May our individual and collective effort to embody the Spirituality of Stewardship brings justice, peace and joy in our ministry of love and service for life.

Your co-pilgrim in life and faith,
Fr. Reu Jose C. Galoy, OFM