Faith in Action (FIA) by Marly Laraya


As published in the July 24 issue of the Parish Bulletin.

Faith in Action, or FIA, is our newest parish-based youth group that caters to the spiritual needs of single adults between the ages of 35 years old and above. Its mission is to cultivate and strengthen committed disciples of Christ, arming them with knowledge of faith and love of life. We aim to form a community of individuals, ministry leaders and volunteers who have need to:

• Recharge spiritually
• Grow their knowledge of our faith
• Have a source of inspiration or be the source of inspiration
• Have good knowledge of the ministries and resources of the parish in order to Collect and Connect people to work for ministries & communities

Last May, FIA had its first recollection on “Volunteerism” with Fr. Reu wherein the seeds of this new community were planted. Life theology, discussions among peers, bible study, visitation of holy sites, and reinforcement of spiritual habits are among the formats we have in mind for this group.

If you wish to be part of this community and would like to join our maiden retreat on August 27-28, 2016, please get in touch with Marly Laraya.