Antioch Santuario de San Antonio by Jill Margaux

As published in the July 24 issue of the Parish Bulletin.

Antioch San Antonio is a youth community, for the youth and by the youth to help each other in our daily lives with Christ. Antioch is a community for young college adults where we can talk about the life concerns of our age group with our peers. Our weekly prayer meetings and semi-annual weekend retreats allow us to have these peer-to-peer discussions and help us to talk openly about faith and life with friends that we trust.

Antioch’s core values are scripture, community, prayer and action, which we work to instill in each of our members. It is in Antioch that we learn to build a personal spiritual relationship with God. The Antioch community teaches servant leadership to its members by giving them a chance to head charity events, parish activities, youth meetings and many other opportunities as well. All our events are community projects; we all work together, look out for one another and help each other. In Antioch, we build community, we make life long friendships and we are each other’s faith family.

Antioch finished its 65th Weekend last January and received over 40 new members to our community. Last April, we hosted our annual Youth Ball. This was a collaboration with our younger brothers and sisters from Luke 18. This was a formal gala event for both of the communities, where we also collected money for a charity. We just recently helped with the planning of SSAP’s Youth Day: Y! Celebration where we got to perform on stage and play games to celebrate the youth of San Antonio. We also helped plan the Luke 18 Scavenger Hunt, which was our project for the younger community to help them have a fun and enjoyable bonding event. We also held two outreaches to Little Mary’s Orphanage in Merville Paranaque, to give our members a chance to spend time with and get to know these kids. These are just a few of the special events we’ve had so far this year and each one was headed or co-planned by the members of our community. We try to make each event of ours an experience of giving back and helping others.

As of now we are well into the preparations for our 66th Antioch Weekend where we will once again be accepting new members to our faith family for 2016. In the coming months we’re also planning to bring back our annual Youth Concert and the YSA Christmas Play, which are both long running traditions where we use the skills and talents of our community members (along with Luke 18 and SYA) to help raise money for a charity. In everything we do, from simple weekly meetings to big charity events, we do our best to do good for those around us and help each other in walking the steps of Christ.

If you would like to sign up for Antioch, please contact JJ Yulo or any Antioch team member.