The Scholarship Ministry, Headed by Menchu Bautista & Mariza del Rosario

The Scholarship Ministry assists young men and women with the educational opportunity and assistance to enroll in and finish their courses which will enable them to work with dignity and improve their families’ lives. This is strengthened by a Formation program managed by the Committee in the parish.

The scholars are also asked to devote 15-20 hours of Parish involvement as their way of paying forward. The Program is funded by the SSAP Foundation, Inc. with an approved Annual Budget. For those scholar applicants interviewed and highly recommended by the Committee whose expenses are outside the Budget parameters, individual or collective sponsorships are solicited from parishioners. The Program grants Tuition (partial, or full), Food allowances and Transportation Allowances – to help ensure that there are less drop-outs, and that the students are able to get to and from school, and have a hot meal during the day.

An important and distinctive facet of the SSAP Scholarship Ministry is a Spiritual-Moral Values Formation Program. We stress the importance of Prayer and a strong relationship with the Lord, Time Management, Money/Finance Management, Good Conduct, Good Work Ethic, Honesty, Hope and the Reality of a better Tomorrow, Motivation, Hard Work, Perseverance, Goal and Target Setting, Achievement, Responsibility, Accountability, How to live your best life – Today!, How to live daily as a good “Kristianong Mamamayan.”

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