The Prison Ministry, Headed by RJ Limpo

If there is one word to describe the Prison Ministry, it would be chances. This is where the ministry draws its energy to execute its programs. From the many instances in the Bible that Jesus gave which showed a countless number of chances for people to change.

There’s the story of the adulteress, where Jesus asked that he who is without sin to cast the first stone. Jesus is clearly extending a change for change. All he asked from her is to repent and change her ways and in turn she would be saved. Also in the story of the penitent thief who asked Jesus to save him at the last hour during the crucifixion, he too was given a change and was saved. These are just two clear examples of the changes that Jesus extends to us. Jesus tirelessly gives us changes to change.

Instead of looking at our sinfulness, He sees the potential greatness in us as we learn from our mistakes. This is what drives the Prison Ministry to fulfill its mission to bring Christ to the inmates. To make them feel that there is a world out there that is giving them a chance at life despite the sins they have committed. All our efforts are guided by the principle of showing the face of Christ through the various activities we have set up for them.

We highly encourage all the parishioners to join us in the many enriching activities mapped out through the year!

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