The Hospital Ministry, Headed by Ella Tan

The Hospital Ministry gives our Parishioners the opportunity to have an avenue in performing Corporal Acts of Mercy, either by volunteerism and/or donations of all kinds to meet the pressing needs of the terminally ill coming from the marginalized sector of our society being treated at PGH, mainly children, and Our Lady of Persuncola Hospital.

The Hospital Ministry’s assistance program is both financial as well as focused on the over-all well- being of the patients and their respective families. With the help of your donations, the Hospital Ministry is able to provide badly needed medicines, medical equipment and supplies to indigent patients, mostly young innocent children. Each and every patient we help have been properly screened by our Social Workers and endorsed by the PGH Medical team to have an acceptable chance of recovery and support with the proper medical prescription/s.

With the proper implementation of this program, the Hospital Ministry has managed to be instrumental in providing medicinal assistance for the recovery of some 99 patients, with a minimal fatality of only 6 patients, as of the first 5 months of this year. Currently, the Hospital Ministry is in talks with the PGH Medical Team on how we can further increase our support to ensure that the prevailing fatality rate may be further reduced.

july 10 hospital ministry

(To read more about Hospital Ministry, visit their ministry page here)