The Health Care Ministry, Headed by Barbie Lu Young

To bring God’s love through a collaborative effort characterized by a Christian spirit of service is the main goal and objective of the Health Care Ministry. Moved by the love of Christ, we, the members, strive to work for the health of all parishioners by promoting programs that focus on the mind, body and spirit.

We also undertake outreach programs, particularly a weekly hospital visitation at the Rizal Medical Center’s pediatrics ward. The most important activity of our group is the weekly visit to the Rizal Medical Center, done every Thursday. As of mid-year, around 200 indigent patients have benefited from medicines, spiritual advise, natural family planning (Billings method) lessons done wholeheartedly by member volunteers.

Our next target program is to have a weekly Mothers’ class that will delve in more detail: the anatomy of the reproductive system, the sanctity of marriage, the importance of family, and the Billings method complete with charts and illustrations. We hope to instill a better understanding in the Patients of the meaning of suffering, a deeper realization of a person’s dignity and worth, the importance of faith in the loving God, and to cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

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