St Francis Friendship Home & Spirituality Center, Headed by Tina Teehankee

The Friendship Ministry in the Friendship Home Livelihood & Spirituality Center teaches a way of life founded on building right relationships based on gospel values and spiritual truths. It aims to develop faithful, loyal, humble, loving, honest and responsible servants with healthy spiritual life and skillful hands to become good stewards. It is a place where household helps, fathers, mothers, adults, youth, children are given the opportunity to know Jesus more, following the footsteps of St. Francis in fraternal community life that support and give opportunities to one another to grow and earn more than enough to be generous to help others. It is a working proactive center where time, talent and resources are shared, to move from a state of having enough, to having enough applied skills and values and ultimately to have more than enough to share blessings with others to become more purposeful and productive.

The Friendship Home Livelihood & Spirituality Center’s main value is its accessibility to the surrounding communities and its ability to be a venue for classes/outreach activities. We establish a network of servants and stewards with integrity of heart and skillful hands, quality products, livelihood and job placement opportunities and services, charging a fee in support of the Center to earn more than enough to give to God’s missionary work.

I want to congratulate the members of our Social Services Ministry Family. They are all doing a great job in promoting the quality of life of individuals especially of the marginalized and the poor of society. Through our ministry we have realized that we are not meant to be long distance observers of life. We are meant to be committed to life and be immersed in shaping it and giving ourselves the change to co-create it by the grace of God!

Our strength is our energy and dynamism which we dedicate to God through unselfish service in the Social Service Ministry. To God be the Glory!

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