Enjoying the Simple Things By Marfee Dizon, Faith in Action, YSA

St Francis with birds and pets

Growing up my Mom would always remind me to live simply and to be content. This is always a challenge for me. My work brings me to the cities I love and the temptation to shop increases every time I go. Of course who doesn’t like to shop?

All the glam boutiques, “need to have” bags, shoes, make up…everything you fancy is right in front of you. So how do I live a life of Simplicity?

I read that simplicity is something that is ordinary but enjoyable. Or in Biblical terms, Matthew 6:21 has this to say – For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

We all have our own “luxuries” or “luho”, be it our favorite food, books/magazines, collections to fashion, travel and luxury items etc. They do make everyday life more exciting, We look forward to these things and reward ourselves when we feel like it. The objective is not to be dependent on these “luhos” or not to let them rule your life.

We can always enjoy life, do the things we like, – travel with our family and friends, party, watch movies, try out a new restaurant and buy what we need. The essential part is being with the people we love and enjoy spending time with. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest restaurant or we can be in our most comfortable jeans as long as we are having a meaningful time.

Im trying my best to detach myself from clutter and things I have bought from my trips. It is not easy but in time I can do it. Its also interesting that the patron saint of simplicity is Saint Francis. So I pray to St Francis to help me put my heart on my real treasure, my faith in God.