Sensitivity by Hannah Roa

(As seen on page 4 of the June 12 issue of the Parish Bulletin)

St. Anthony always did what the Lord had asked him or
believed what the Lord had asked him to do. For him, he was
doing the Lord’s work in becoming who he was, a true servant
of the Lord. Even submitting to doing the lowest of chores for
he knew, just like St. Francis, that following the ways of Jesus
was the rightful path to becoming a true disciple.

In our lives today we all choose to do things that make us
feel good inside whether it be work we decide to do, the
education we choose to take, the cities/countries we choose
to visit, the food we choose to indulge in, etc. In helping
others, we choose to do so because of how we feel towards
the person(s) or because of what had happened to them, the
situation that they had to face. We respond to the feelings of
how we are affected by them or of what they have been thru.

I myself don’t easily help out in terms of mandatory service
since I feel that it’s not a choice given but a task, but I do
help out when I’ve felt that urge in me is great. Just like
in helping out to build houses in Barangay San Antonio,
Samar. I felt devastated of what happened to the lives of
my fellow Filipinos: their homes and family, that I felt a
big urge to participate in volunteering to build houses in
a barangay that SSAP has adopted. I quickly jumped to
the opportunity, with other SYA members and Franciscan
friars. To me, this was a chance to do good and helping
those who have lost everything. Little did I know we were
helping each other; us SYAers and the Franciscan friars
building new homes for them since they lost theirs and they
in turn building our faith even more by their stories of the
catastrophe named Yolanda. Even after a big storm that
swept their homes and loved ones away they still had so
much faith in God; and I was amazed by it.

I realized that being affected by what happened to the
people in Samar and coming to build homes for them
was not for them only it was for me too, to build my faith
even stronger, a path that lead me to help because I was
sensitive to listen to how I was feeling.