“We are All God’s Children!” The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine byLianne Tiu


Do we really understand this truth, “We are All God’s Children,” that’s repeatedly sung for the papal visit? To many, being God’s children sounds beautiful; but it hardly means anything or has any practical consequences.
God, who is madly in love with us, has made us His children. This is actually the greatest gift we have received from Him. When we say “I am a child of God,” we are not using a metaphor (or a figure of speech) about the fatherly protection or watchfulness that God exercises over us. We are really His children! And it is our greatest dignity. If our birth made us children of our parents, our Baptism made us children of God. As children of our parents, we became their heirs, the heirs to their properties at some future time. As children of God, we became His heirs, the “heirs of heaven.” God, as our heavenly Father, gives us the right to enter heaven and see Him.

God is our Dad or Papa. This is for real! Being aware of this truth will give us joy and peace in the face of all kinds of events, even in the most difficult moments of our lives. We learn to completely trust in His goodness, knowing that He has control over all creation and that He only wants what is best for us.
When we are aware that God is our Dad, we will also see others as our own brothers and sisters – children of the same Father. We learn to love one another as we all belong to one race, one color, and one language. We hold everyone in great respect, including the weak and the poor.
The thought about God as our Father can move us in a powerful way as our faith becomes unshakable, our hope becomes secure, and our charity becomes ardent.
We are all God’s children… Let us live and enjoy this happy truth!
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