Hospital Ministry Home Visit to Nina Shane Jaraya by Sabrina Soriano

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Niña Shane Jaraya was a regular 13 year old Grade 7 student. She was close to her family, enjoyed going to school and being with her friends, and was a very creative and artsy child.

It was in early June when she complained of pain in her nose due to a small growth inside, which quickly developed to headaches, high fever, constant sleeping, and affected her speech. They quickly brought her to a doctor, who advised that they get a CT Scan and full tests done right away to find out the cause.

She was admitted and tested in PGH early June and diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. The infection had reached and affected her brain already, which explained why so many functions were affected.

When we first saw her in the pediatric ward of PGH, Nina was constantly sleeping, thin, and looked haggard. She was not responding to stimuli. The Hospital Ministry helped them with the needed antibiotics but due to the high dosage required for her size and weight, she quickly reached the budget allocation per patient.

Her parents also did their part in looking for other sources for aid. They were able to solicit help from their barangay, the medical social services, and PCSO. Fortunately, Niña responded well to the antibiotics and was discharged but with constant follow-up.

It had been a month since she was discharged and when we visited their home in Alabang. It is a humble abode but you could see how much the family tried to make it as comfortable as possible for Niña. Marvin, her father, was not at home as he was trying to make a living as a tricycle driver and apply as a house driver to get a more stable income for the family. We were met by Niña’s grandmother who guided us to their house. It was a cheerful family that met us – her mother, brother, and 3 cousins. They all made sure that Niña has company and would constantly talk to her. You could really see their love for Niña, especially her mother, as she fed, talked to, and held the hand of Niña. Sheryl, the mother was in tears as she was very thankful for all the help the Hospital Ministry had already given them and for this home visit where we again brought supplies to cover some of their needs. We saw the improvement in Niña here, shedding some tears herself when she saw her mom cry. She would also follow people with her eyes when they spoke to her, or smiled when we praised her nice drawings.

It was a very fulfilling Saturday morning for the Hospital Ministry. We saw how much the help we gave meant so much to the family and saw the improvement in Niña. We hope you can include Niña’s continuous and full recovery in your prayers.