Body Talk Seminar

5Guest speaker Karen Kadlec gives a free demo on how to talk to our body to relieve us from stress.6 The Health Care Ministry co-sponsored the Body Talk System seminar with an accompanying demonstration last July 12, 2014. Body Talk is an alternative therapy that provides a holistic approach to re-pattern the body’s own energy mechanism in order to restore it to its natural state. Stresses produced by external factors can create a dysfunctional system, which results in a decrease in health, be it physical, mental or emotional. Body Talk promotes healing from within. It is based upon the belief that the body contains its own center of wisdom that is capable of healing itself. It is non-invasive. It brings healing by re-aligning areas of communication between the cells and all internal systems within the body, which stimulates and reactivates the body’s natural self-healing capability.

Techniques employed include:
1. direct communication
2. breathwork
3. tapping
4. Cortices technique
5. switching
6. hydration
7. body chemistry technique
8. reciprocals technique

It can be used to treat and alleviate the symptoms of:
1. headaches, migraines
2. back, neck, joint pain, arthritis and stiffness
3. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
4. chronic viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections
5. food, chemical, environmental allergies
6. digestive disorders and IBS
7. constipation, bladder problems (bed-wetting)
8. hormonal disorders, period pain and P.M.T.
9. abnormal blood sugar levels, food cravings
10. fears, phobias
11. emotional trauma, addictions, eating disorders
12. children’s disorders such as hyperactivity, sleep problems, infections, learning disabilities, dyslexia and behavioral problems.

Body Talk is an accumulative process. This means that you will continue to enjoy the process of healing long after you have left your practitioner, and over the course of the following days, your brain will continue to rewire, resulting in improved states of mental, spiritual and physical health.

Body talk practitioners, including Mr. Karla Kadlec from Canada, will be holding Body Talk Access sessions on July 23 and July 29. For more information, please e-mail Cynthia at or call her at viber number +1.226.606.1758.