The Blessed Pan de San Antonio Bread by Cristina Teehankee

The faith of healing in giving and eating a blessed Pan de San Antonio Bread gives hope to any loved one, most especially the sick and disabled. Every year, during the Feast Day of St. Anthony de Padua, the Secular Franciscans share as love offering the Pan de San Antonio Bread in every Mass for the day in SSAP and at the La Ermita de San Nicolas de Tolentino at the St. Francis Friendship Home Livelihood & Spirituality Center. The Pan de San Antonio Bread always get consumed fast no matter the increase in volume every year. We see the joy in the faces of each Parishioner and devotee to St. Anthony as they reach out to get their blessed bread. Some even get more to give to their loved ones at home.

Indeed faith is something we do not see, hear or touch. God uses small things to accomplish great things for His glory. The Pan de San Antonio Bread may seem insignificant, mundane or small . . . but, is used by God to show His power over all. Thank your Lord Jesus . . . thank you Almighty God . . . thank you Holy Spirit . . . thank you St. Anthony for our gift of ONE FAMILY – ONE FAITH – ONE PARISH!