Congratulations to the Order of Franciscan Seculars (OFS) New Candidates by Tina Teehankee

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The poster and leaflet of the St. Anthony Fraternity reads “Jesus invites you . . . Come and See! Know more about St. Francis and make a difference in life . . . no age requirement . . just be open to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ . . .”

What does it mean to lead others to Christ? We thank our Almighty God for moving in the hearts of Rowena Fierro, Maxie S. Martinez, Dolly Mejilla, Joy Pabalate and Gerry Reyes who have responded to God’s invitation to “Come and See” through the Secular Franciscans and are now in their third level of Secular Franciscan Spiritual journey as Candidates, admitted on the Feast Day of St. Anthony de Padua, June 13, 2014.

For the past year, the Formation Team of the St. Anthony Fraternity walked alongside them to find what they are looking for. Walking alongside an inquiring person courteously, showing our genuine interest in their spiritual welfare, praying with them and being involved with them with kindness and compassion paved the way for them to see God’s love and care and has taken them to Him.

On behalf of Fr. Tasang Obico, OFM, OFS Spiritual Assistant and the Formation Team, the Secular Franciscans welcome the new Candidates with open arms as your companions in faith and Franciscan fraternal life.