“PGH Healing Mass” by Joisce Abiera

Upon attending the SYA Food Distribution, I found out about the PGH Healing mass through Sabrina Soriano, who heads the Hospital Ministry. It was my first time in PGH and it was my privilege to meet and assist Fr. Reu preside the mass for the patients of the pediatric wards. The mass was offered for their complete healing. Fr. Reu also blessed and prayed for them thereafter.

Witnessing the blessing and pray-over, assisting in giving out medicines and give-aways to parents and relatives of the patients, I had the chance to talk and reach out to some of the elders and I was deeply touched by their great faith in God, in mankind. They fully trust that support will be given to them by kind and loving hearts, as well as assistance by the nurses, doctors and other staff in the hospital who are devoted in the work and service that they do for the less fortunate. Most of all, I saw their love and compassion to the patients (babies and children), some of whom are not even their own (They are just distant relatives or the babies were just passed on to them but they truly cared for them.). They definitely took the responsibility like their own.

I am glad I was able to share this fulfilling experience with the Hospital Ministry. I really admire their commitment to give service to these young ailing children. They definitely touch the hearts and lives, as well as their families, of the patients in need. Love, Light and Blessings.

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