“Santuario de San Antonio Parish Community Fair” by Jonathan Cruz, SYA

In celebration of the feast day of its patron saint, St. Anthony of Padua, and in line with its 2014 theme of “1 Faith. 1 Parish. 1 Family.” the Santuario de San Antonio Parish held its first-ever community fair last June 7 – 8, 2014.

Complete with live music, scrumptious treats, and a showcase of the various parish ministries, the whole community came together in a great display of fellowship and celebration. Live musical performances by acclaimed choir Koro Ilustrado and spirited youth group Antioch provided delightful entertainment for guests and visitors while establishments and concessionaries such as Melo’s, Mr. Delicious, and Standford & Shaw sold delicious Salpicao Rice, Burger Sliders, and refreshing Gingerale to name a few.

The Prison, Hospital, JPIC ministries were true to their advocacies, marketing the hand-made products of the residents of Makati City Jail and patients of Philippine General Hospital. The Youth, Lectors & Commentators, Eucharistic Ministers, Catholic Women’s League, Family Life, Music, and Order of Secular Franciscans ministries were also present in joyous support of the fair.

We can continue to look forward to more events from the parish that will bring us together in 1 Faith, as 1 Parish, and as 1 Family.

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