Calendar of Saints for the Week of June 8

June 9
Ephrem, deacon and doctor
St. Ephrem was born of a Christian family at Nisibis around the year 306. Ordained deacon, he exercised this office throughout the country and in Edessa, where he founded a theological school. Despite his ascetic life he did not relax his ministries of preaching and writing books to confute the errors of the time. He died in 373.

June 11
Barnabas, apostle
Born in Cyprus, Barnabas is numbered among the first of the faithful at Jerusalem. He preached the Gospel at Antioch and, as a companion of St. Paul, accompanied him on his first journey. He was also present at the Council of Jerusalem. Upon returning to his own country, he continued to spread the Gospel and eventually died there.

Reference: The Liturgy of the Hours, Vol. III, Catholic Book Publ. Co., NY, 1975.