Calendar of Saints for the Week of June 1

June 1
Justin, martyr
St. Justin, philosopher and martyr, was born of pagan parents at FlaviaNeapolis in Samaria at the beginning of the second century. Following his conversion to the Faith he wrote many works in the defense of religion, of which we have only two: the Apology and the Dialogue with Trypho. He also opened a school at Rome in which public debates were held. Justin was martyred along with several companions during the reign of Marcus Aurelius around the year 165.

June 2
Marcellinus and Peter, martyrs
Pope Damasus is our authority for the martyrdom of SaintsMarcellinus and Peter during the Diocletian persecution. He received this information from the executioner himself. They were beheaded in a grove, but their bodies were moved and buried in the cemetery Ad duasLauros on the Via Labicana. Once peace had been restored, the church built a basilica over their tombs.

June 3
Charles Lwanga and companions, martyrs
Owing to religious hatred, many faithful Christians were killed in Uganda by King Mwanga during the years 1885-87. Some of them had enjoyed the good graces of the king at his court, and some were even related to him. Among them, Charles Lwanga and his 21 companions, adhering steadfastly to the Catholic faith, were put to death, some by sword, others by burning, because they would not accede to the king’s unreasonable demands.

June 5
Boniface, bishop and martyr
St. Boniface was born in England about the year 673. He was first professed to the monastic life at Exeter but in 719 went to Germany to preach the Gospel. He made many converts there and was consecrated bishop, ruling over the church at Mainz. He attracted many companions by whose help he founded or restored dioceses in Bavaria, Thuringia and Franconia. He also convened councils and promulgated laws. While preaching the Gospel to the Frisians, St. Boniface was killed by pagans in 754. His body is buried in the monastery of Fulda.

Reference: The liturgy of the hours, vol. III, Catholic Book Publ.Co., NY, 1975.