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Filipinos love fiestas for they are celebrated all-year round. The merry month of May is when Flores de Mayo is celebrated by Filipinos throughout the country. It is called Flores de Mayo because May is the vibrant month when most flowers bloom beautifully. It is also known as Flores de Maria because it is held in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Filipino Catholics pray the rosary, offer flowers, and share food with family and friends.

For this year, the Hospital Ministry and the Single Young Adult (SYA) Community brought Flores de Mayo to the patients, parents and students of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). With the help of their supportive parents, the children gamely participated in the procession through the pedia wards while singing praises and thanksgiving songs. The procession ended with a prayer and flower offering to Mother Mary in Migi’s Garden. The Hospital Ministry members and SYA-ers also generously donated and distributed goods and snacks to the patients of Wards 9 and 11 and to the students of the Silahis ng Kalusugan School.

To witness and to be part of this joyful celebration for the children was meaningful and touching for me. I have been truly enriched as a person with my first Flores de Mayo experience in PGH as an SYA volunteer. No words can express the feeling of fulfilment I felt after being with the children by sharing my precious time with them, uplifting their little spirits, and giving them hope and optimism in facing their illnesses and sadness. I hope to continue acquiring a missionary heart, a heart that is always for others who are in need.

Everything has an ending. I always believe that endings are not ends and do not mean for us to stop but instead to go on to a new chapter of our lives, hopefully bringing with us lessons we have learned from society especially with these children, and the hopes of new beginnings.