“My Angel Experience, circa 1994”, by Babing Abella

I was interestingly awed to know that our recent salubong main angel Ada is the daughter of Rina Ledesma Villalon! Rina was our parish’s first salubong angel in 1987 when l first introduced this Franciscan Filipino tradition of salubong. Toby Monsod was supposed to be the angel then but when she saw the tower being built where she was supposed to be lowered down, she just vehemently refused, to the chagrin of her mother Winnie Monsod.

Rina very graciously agreed to be the angel! She saved the day, that was April 1987, so that’s how long we have had this salubong every year, except once when I was out of the country, then lately again in 2010 for reasons l don’t know the late Fr. Jerome opted not to have one.

Recently the liturgical ministry chose to have it after the Easter vigil mass and inside the quadrangle. Our little angels have grown to be “archangels.” I am making a complete list of all our angels and main angels and l would appreciate it very much if the concerned angels can inform us through the parish office or directly to me at 5565552. Thank you my angels!