Calendar of Saints for the week

May 26
Philip Neri, priest
St. Philip was born at Florence in 1515. He went to Rome and began to work with young men among whom he fostered Christian life and formed an association for the poor and the sick. Ordained to the priesthood in 1551, he founded the Oratory where spiritual reading, singing and works of charity were practiced. He excelled in his love of neighbor and in evangelical simplicity along with a joyous service to God. He died in 1595.

May 27
Augustine of Canterbury, bishop
St. Augustine was sent in 597 from St. Andrew’s monastery in Rome by St. Gregory the Great to preach the Gospel in England. He was aided there by King Ethelbert and chosen bishop of Canterbury. He converted many to the faith and established many dioceses, especially in the kingdom of Kent. He died on May 26, about the year 605.

May 31
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Reference: The liturgy of the hours, vol. III, Catholic Book Publ.Co., NY, 1975.