The centerpiece of fund raising for the Santuario de San Antonio Fiesta 2014 will be the restoration of the most important treasures of the parish: the two Amorsolo paintings near the main entrance. Fernando Amorsolo, a national artist, was commissioned by the parish in 1953 to do copies of two Giotto murals in the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Italy: “Sermon to the Birds” and “Stigmatization of St. Francis.” With the passage of time and the effects of various environmental elements, the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Pastoral Team, concurred that NOW is the time to restore them to prevent further deterioration.

After diligent appraisals by Sylvia Amorsolo Lazo, they engaged the services of the Eugenio Lopez Foundation to do the major restoration. Each painting will take approximately six (6) months to restore with a total cost around TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (PHP2,500,000.00) plus another FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS (P500,000.00) for incidental expenses.

We are appealing to the generosity of the SSA parishioners and friends to contribute to the cost of restoring these art treasures. All donations will be properly acknowledged with an Official Receipt and are tax deductible. Recipients of the fund raising project of the parish will be given their usual share: CWL, mass baptisms, mass confirmations, mass weddings, feeding programs, honoraria for guest priests, choir, breakfasts, and other incidental expenses.

Consul Helen M. Ong will head the SSAP Amorsolo Restoration Committee and Fiesta 2014.