“Every new day is another chance to change something in your life. Every new day is a chance to feel blessed for what you have”, by Scholar, Maila Nosora (SY 2007-2008)

These challenges brought me to what I am today with the moral support of my family, the financial assistance offered by the Santuario de San Antonio Parish JPIC Scholarship Program family, the academic formation of Monark Foundation Inc., the training conducted by Prestige Cars BMW Makati and Foton Motor Philippines and the grace of God Almighty.

After I graduated from high school at Trece Martirez City National High School in Cavite, I was quite confused whether to continue my college studies or not. I knew that my parents could not afford to give me a college education. I went around trying to look for a scholarship until one day, my father, who is a casual employee in an elementary school in Mandaluyong told me about SSAP JPIC Scholarship Program, which he heard about from his co-employee.

Reading the Program’s mission of “providing technical or vocational skills, spiritual and moral values formation, enabling to become economically and self-reliant to work productive and live with dignity in our society” gave me hope and direction that led me to the world of the Automotive Industry.

With God’s grace and self-confidence, I passed the interview conducted by the Scholarship Committee. Then, I started searching for a school and decided to choose Monark Foundation Inc. (formerly Monark Foundation Technical Institute) since I believed that Monark could provide me the possibility to grow and develop.

Fortunately, I passed Monark’s screening test. The second day of orientation was difficult. We were asked to remove and install tires. I never expected to undergo this physical experience. My body ached terribly and I felt sick. The next day, I admit that quitting school crossed my mind. However, the thought of this being an “astig” (popular) career path and “kakaiba” (different) challenged me more.

While undergoing in-school training, I became a model to my classmates since I was inspired by the Parish Involvement Activity (PIA) in Santuario de San Antonio Parish. I ran for office, was elected and served as Vice-President of the Student Council that school year. It was hard for me to study and conduct major school activities and events at the same time but I went on.

The very important part of our formation came. It was the on-the- job training program. I was one of the scholars chosen to report to Prestige Cars BMW in Makati. Luckily, I passed the interview conducted by the Manager and officially I became a trainee. I was assigned to the Service Department as Administrative Assistant. Here, I applied the rule of “learning by doing”. I did my best in the company for 13 months since this would be reflected on our In-plant Training subject. Our training contract ended three months before graduation and I was offered a job by the company. However, I did not accept the offer. Neither did I want to stay in school waiting to train for another three months under a possible company since I was very excited to work immediately to be able to help my family.

I decided to inquire about a newly-opened company, Foton Motor Philippines, a commercial China trucks distributor. Even though it was not an industry partner of Monark Foundation Inc., I accepted the offer to train here and with God’s grace, and with my perseverance and determination, Foton Motor Philippines recognized my capability and I was absorbed by the company even before graduation. Currently, I am the Customer Relations Officer.

On our graduation day, I was surprised and teary-eyed to receive two recognitions; the “Outstanding In-plant Trainee” and the “Leadership Awardee” of our batch, which I treasure and apply up to this date.

A lot of inspiration I have received from my family, from the SSAP JPIC Scholarship Program Committee and from benefactors for their selfless devotion to this Program, from Mr. Jan B. Banson, the former Monark Equipment President, who took some time to share with us his thoughts about his life’s experiences and lessons, and from our beloved instructors, who did their best to impart the knowledge and skills we need.

The mission of SSAP JPIC Scholarship Program came true. I have a stable job and a promising future. Everywhere I go, I feel proud to be a scholar of this Program, in this vocation I have chosen, I do not mind what others say about comparing degree holders to what I have studied. What is important is that I have a positive sight with which to embrace God’s blessings and appreciate all of them.